Ruggette RFC: ethically produced apparel for the way you play.   

We produce a line of rugby apparel for female rugby athletes, bringing together the women of rugby across the world. Our current collection includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and accessories, and we are currently developing a custom girls rugby shorts style, designed with the input of hundreds of rugby girls from all over the world! All of our clothing is ethically sourced and are full of green credentials including WRAP certified factories. We are committed to creating an inclusive, positive, and celebratory space for Ruggettes of all sizes, shapes, levels, and ages. We believe that female athletes should have apparel choices designed just for them, by the people that understand their needs better than anyone else: other female rugby players. When it comes to apparel, Ruggette RFC doesn't just think rugby girls do it better...we think rugby girls do it best.

We SO appreciate you wanting to come along on this journey with us- THANK YOU! Ruggette RFC is a team, first and foremost, and having you along for the ride is the most important thing to us, so we want to be sure you're always in the loop! Sign up to make our Team Roster, and stay up to date on all news Ruggette, plus special VIP perks from time to time, because we really, really like to spread the love around.

The Ruggette Story

Ruggette RFC is more than an apparel line: we're a community for Ruggettes of all kinds. We believe that you should be able to live your rugby life in apparel made just for you, by ruggettes just like you. Ruggettes who hit that pitch with the same love and excitement that you do. That's what binds us- not what we look like, not what we do during the week, not what we make, not where we were born. You see, what we love most about Rugby is the inclusiveness- there's not only room, but a NEED, for players of all shapes, sizes, strengths, speeds. Rugby is for everyone. Rugby is empowering. Rugby is a family. Ruggette RFC wants to support the athletes in the Women's Rugby divisions, from weekend seniors to National squads, whatever their level, however they identify. Ruggette RFC is a team for us all.