Rugby Kit for

Rugby Women.

It’s not rocket science, really.


She’s electric.

Inspired by a hot London summer, our newest drop feels like a modern pitchside oasis in the middle of the city.

The Why Behind The Try


Founded in 2018, Ruggette RFC was created with the intention to provide female rugby athletes with apparel made specifically for them, but also to help prove that women's rugby, and female sport in general, is not a hobby or a secondary interest, but a viable industry in and of itself, and deserving of support and investment.  

You can tell so much thought and research went into design. It’s rare to find sportswear that’s actually designed for athletic women’s bodies, or even real women’s bodies in general ... Ruggette 💯 hits the mark.
— Claire, Massachusetts USA
Ruggette has a fabulous and easy to use website with real people modelling the clothes. Amazing range of sizes and 2 different fits for shirts and shorts. The material for the shorts are absolutely perfect; soft stretchy and durable. And the colours are adorable.
— Angela, London UK
Wouldn’t buy any of my rugby attire from anywhere else. I literally can’t wait for the release of new stuff and jump on it right away since they always sell out so fast!
— Keilani, Colorado USA
Best shorts ever! Literally own all the femme fit options, they are the only shorts I’ve ever been able to train/run/play in without undershorts and still zero chub rub!
— Annie, Essex UK
THE SHORTS. Goodness gracious, the shorts! I was super concerned about what size to order because we’ve all had that experience where you order a size and then it’s completely wrong. Ruggette had an entire discussion with me and sized me off of the rugby shorts I usually wear. Well, they were absolutely right and as soon as I tried on my shorts I was in love. No more billowing fabric in the front, no more rolling waistbands, no more skinny waistbands that dig in. NO MORE PULLING UP THE LEGS OF MY SHORTS BEFORE I SCRUM.
— Sarah, Massachusetts, USA